Iaido is a Japanese martial art focusing on the act of unsheathing the sword and slicing in one movement.


Its goal is to execute a technique, before the opponent, chosen according to the place and context of the situation. As with other budō, this discipline focuses mainly on movements perfection and spiritual process (influence of Zen) ; the technical efficiency increases as the practitioner progresses in rank.

Weekly Trainings given by Jacques Muller Senseï 

Equipment Shodokan Dojo will provide beginners with the equipment needed, just come with comfortable sports clothes. 

Fees Iaido (as of  17 years old) :

yearly fee 200 €, licence 38€

Iaido As of  17 years old

 Tuesdays and Wednesdays 18.30-19.30 



35, allée Alain Gautier
Parc Actilonne
85340 Les Sables d'Olonne

For any information: 

Phone: 06 12 11 11 15
Email: dojo@shodokan-kendo.com

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